Friday, December 11, 2009

OK, the Smart Car isn't intimidating to other drivers, but...

...that doesn't give Van 9 of Yeshiva University the right to "share" my lane with me when going around the bend. It's a big, white, 12-passenger van with the YU logo on the back. The driver routinely keeps the left-side wheels in the Central Park bike lane when cruising through Central Park.
And, when in the right lane, he invades the space of the car in the left lane, whenever the road curves to the left. He got so close to me that I could see the top of the van in my sun roof. I am NOT going into the bike lane because this guy has to invade my space frmo the right. I will speed up or slow down, take other action. Today, I honked at him. By convention, almost no one honks a horn inside the park. But the Yeshiva U van wasn't being driven safely, so I honked once. Then I honked twice more when nothing changed. But the only thing that got the driver back in his lane was the fact that the road straightened out.

What's wrong with his own lane?

Someone in NYPD or PEP should be stationed on foot at those long left bends, like the one going up the Great Hill. They can watch for vehicles that use the bike lane as their secondary car lane, and signal ahead to summons those drivers.

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