Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's finally cold out

It's not going to go over 35 F today. It's sunny and breezy. I drove a friend around NYC and NJ in the Smart Car much of yesterday, during the wild rainy weather we had. When done, I was tired. I knew I should have gone to work but I didn't feel like it. Now I wish I had taken advantage of that day of late afternoon sun and temps in the 50s. NYC is 15 or 20 degrees shy of 50 right now, and it'll be even colder tomorrow.

There's a "HEATED SEATS" sign I clip to the pedicab for cold weather, but it blows off in the wind, and today is a windy day. If I charge $20 per ride in Midtown, my usual fee, I doubt I'll get five rides for $100 by 10 PM, my quitting time. Nobody believes the seats are really heated until they sit on them. Here's how it's done:

Here goes. I'm off to work. Please hire me when you see me on Fifth or Sixth Avenues tonight. I'll warm you up.

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